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Step into the shoes of Russia’s aristocracy as you take in a chamber music concert by Russian Music Seasons. It’s not just the music that’s worth your time – it’s the location, too.

Allow yourself to be swept away by an exquisite classical music performance taking place right in one of Saint Petersburg’s iconic palaces, museums and halls.

The luxury Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg is located in a historical mansion on St. Isaac’s Square in the very heart of the city. The Hotel certainly boasts an interesting historic fact. It is known as the former residence of John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States, who first came to St. Petersburg on a diplomatic mission and was hosted here as the Emperor’s guest of honor. 

Have you seen the iPhone 11 Pro journey through Russia’s iconic Hermitage museum? It’s about time. While travel is not yet possible you can virtually visit the Winter Palace and see much more than you would do on a regular visit. Ceremonial chambers, private residential parts and lots of arts await you in this video.

The name of this bar is tricky and it takes time to learn to pronounce it. Its literal translation is Happiness. Come on in. Pick a comfy chair better by the window to secure the best view over the St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Sit down and order a cup coffee first. Then get inspired by the view and the menu with homemade desserts and allow yourself half an hour to take a breath and enjoy the moment.

Can you imagine a weekend lovelier than on a private boat sipping a refreshing drink on the way? Discover Saint Petersburg’s vast network of canals!

Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, Saint Petersburg was destined to go into history as the Marine Capital of Russia and the best way to explore it is from the water. For centuries boat rides along the numerous rivers and canals have remained a common pastime for local aristocracy and their European guests. 

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace as our top pick for staying in Saint Petersburg. A splendid palace guarded by two marble lions at the front gate, the former residence of the prince Alexander Lobanov-Rostovskii welcomes its visitors as one of the best five-star properties with royal-class accommodation.