An Intimate Night of Music In Saint Petersburg’s Palaces

An Intimate Night of Music In Saint Petersburg’s Palaces

Step into the shoes of Russia’s aristocracy as you take in a chamber music concert by Russian Music Seasons. It’s not just the music that’s worth your time – it’s the location, too.

Allow yourself to be swept away by an exquisite classical music performance taking place right in one of Saint Petersburg’s iconic palaces, museums and halls.

The talented musical ensemble channels the melodies of Russian’s most celebrated maestros from the 19th and 20th centuries, all against the backdrop of some of the most splendid locales in the city.

Featuring talented virtuosos, vocal artists, and soloists hailing from the famous Mariinksy Theater, it’s a sophisticated black tie affair that allows guests to get up-close and personal with the musical heart of Russia.

Imagine spending an intimate musical evening in the Vladimir Palace, one of the most luxurious residences of the Romanov dynasty. Or at the splendid Polovtsov Mansion, a true chef d’oeuvre of interior design, displaying the full opulence and magnificence of the 19th century. 

Before the concert, guests receive a tour through the great halls, learn about the myths and secrets of the palace. Sip on a complimentary glass of fine champagne as you mix and mingle pre-show, or get your profile portrait done to take home as a memento.

This is a unique opportunity to touch the unparalleled architecture of Saint Petersburg’s palaces as you are transported to the era of Russian classicism.