The virtual Hermitage

The virtual Hermitage

Have you seen the iPhone 11 Pro journey through Russia’s iconic Hermitage museum? It’s about time. While travel is not yet possible you can virtually visit the Winter Palace and see much more than you would do on a regular visit. Ceremonial chambers, private residential parts and lots of arts await you in this video.

Step onto the grand Jordan Staircase in the ceremonial hall, and walk up the stairs under the gentle eye of the graceful alabaster statues: Wisdom, Justice, Fidelity, and Equity. Keep your head high, and watch your step as you ascend. The 18th-century ceiling paintings will probably draw all your attention.

Enter the main throne hall, one of the Winter Palace’s central and most significant part where most of the Royal court ceremonies occurred. The Imperial throne stands idly, leaving the freedom to imagine the scope of events happening here. Silk, velvet, and fancy furniture make the spirit of grandeur almost palpable. You can nearly feel the touch of royal opulence. Walk along the pompous enfilades, fancily decorated parquets and ceilings.

Take a look through the big Italian windows to see the Palace Square and try to imagine what the last Russian royal family felt and thought in those threatening and rampant times 100 years ago.

Art is another reason to come here. The Empress Catherine purchased a considerable collection of West European paintings, laying the foundation for the modern-day Hermitage. Today the State Hermitage occupies six magnificent buildings and is one of the oldest and largest art galleries in the world housing a collection of paintings, graphic works, sculptures, works of applied art, archaeological artefacts and numismatic objects. It is estimated that you would need eleven years to view each exhibit on display for just one minute.

Enjoy your visit to the Winter Palace!