Book your dream boat trip in St. Petersburg

Book your dream boat trip in St. Petersburg

Can you imagine a weekend lovelier than on a private boat sipping a refreshing drink on the way? Discover Saint Petersburg’s vast network of canals!

Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, Saint Petersburg was destined to go into history as the Marine Capital of Russia and the best way to explore it is from the water. For centuries boat rides along the numerous rivers and canals have remained a common pastime for local aristocracy and their European guests. 

We invite you to explore Saint Petersburg from an entirely new perspective by renting a private boat and watching the city from the water. Our expert guide is at your disposal to show you St. Pete’s sights and lights. Start your journey any time of the day. Catch the rosy light of the dawn or gently sail through the lucid northern night or feast your eyes on the splendid 18th century palaces in the morning mist.  And of course, a glass of bubbly Champaign would be a perfect addition to the visual pleasure.

Whether you prefer a gentle ride across the city or a romantic boat trip under the stars, our experienced captain and local guide are always at your service. We provide premium-service trips 24/7, with all kinds of amenities on board.

Enjoy a careless and relaxing weekend while touring along the canals of Saint Petersburg and get carried away by the sweet sound of the Neva river waves!